Sunday 8 June 2014

Japanese Spider Chrysanthemum

I was so excited to see the amazing Japanese Spider Chrysanthemum at my local shopping centre on Mothers Day. I had never seen one before but was blown away with its beauty and intricacy, and seductive colours.

Some colours attract certain people and I am often drawn to delicate lilac shades. I think we are drawn to colours that suit us. You would be amazed how many times students have shown up to class or course with a flower the same colour as the top they are wearing!

My drawing for the flower is finished - now to find time to begin the painting. I need a clear desk and a clear head, with no work pending. Then I will just work on it until it is finished.

I love working with detail, thank goodness as I am a botanical artist, and I find the whole process absolutely meditative. It takes me into another place. At the end of a session I will often look at my work and think "did I do that?"

I am looking forward to this very enjoyable journey into the world of the Spider Chrysanthemum. It is a flower a feel a real connection with.