Monday 17 August 2015

Favourite photos from Cambodia & Vietnam

Looking through my photos on return from my recent Cambodia and Vietnam sketching tour, with a fabulous group - I attempted to choose some of my favourite photos to share with you.

Each day was a wonderful  new experience. Each place held magic of its own.

Hope you enjoy just some of my Favourite Photos.

Cooking in the local markets, just out of Siem Reap

The local food markets were to the locals, like the supermarkets are to us - except their produce was all fresh and not from packets.  No wonder these people appear so healthy, happy and certainly none were overweight.

There was the fresh vegetable section, spices, rice, eggs, ducks, pork, fish and miscellaneous.

This little girl was waiting on the motorcycle while her mother shopped at the markets
From Angkor Wat temple
A Buddhist monk at Angkor Wat temple
Massive tree roots, centuries old at Angkor Thom
Some of my students sketching a village house in Siem Reap
Night markets in Siem Reap
Buddhist monk bestowing a water blessing in Siem Reap
Sleeping Buddha in city temple, Siem Reap
Stilted village, KampongPhluk, Siem Reap. 
Unbelievably in the wet season the water comes right up to the floor level of the houses.

It was so difficult to choose just these few photos from many hundreds, but each one holds a special place....

Sunday 16 August 2015

Cambodia and Vietnam

I have recently returned from an incredible sketching tour of Cambodia and Vietnam. I took a dedicated, inspirational and interesting group - what more could I ask for?  Often it is the wonderful people  you meet or get to know on your holidays that make it that much more special.

The sketchbooks contain personal memories of a special time and for me, and I am sure others, the sketches are far more personal and meaningful than a photo.

I can always visualise exactly where I was when sketching, what the weather was like, who was around me and also aromas.

So I would like to share with you a few of my sketches done on this latest sketching tour.


Buddha in Preah Prohn Roach, city temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat temple, near Siem Reap
Kompong Phluk stilt village, Siem Reap
When the river rises the water comes up to the houses, the streets are flooded and the children row to school in boats. See below a photo of more stilt houses.


Hu Hua temple in the old town on Hoi An

The villagers were constantly watering their crops from the wells situated around the vegetable area. This area also boasted a temple, a wonderful cafe, a cooking school and the greenest, healthiest crops I have seen.

Gom Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An
The pottery village is a 16th-17th century traditional occupational village. They still use the original potting wheels which are operated by foot, and the original wood fired kilns.

This is a 92 year old woman still making pots. Notice how the wheel is turned by foot. There might be a message here for us in the modern world - on how to stay bright and healthy in later years.

Isn't she wonderful?