Friday 8 March 2019

Beechworth Victoria Sketching Workshop

On a beautiful Spring weekend, I held a sketching working in the heritage town of Beechworth Victoria.

I have been going there for many years teaching workshops, and the history of the town and area always excites me.

The newly formed Mayday Hills Art Society has renovated buildings in the Mayday Hills estate in Beechworth. The society is going from strength to strength, with not only workshop areas, but artist studios to rent, a theatre, exhibition space, art library, and the list goes on. And it is run by an amazing group of volunteers.

A group of 12 enthusiastic students were both inspired and motivated on their weekend. Here are just a few of their sketches. What talent some of the students have, and every sketch is really a work of art and skill.

Students sketches of the Beechworth gaol, and part of the Mayday Hills estate.

Sketching the former wardens house at Beechworth Gaol
Sketching the telegraph office in Ford Street. Built in 1858
The flowers were in full bloom, and I have rarely seem more glorious displays. The town obviously prides itself on its gardens and the mixed varieties were magnificent. Many species I had not seen before, and the tulips and irises glowed in the brilliant sunlight.

These blooms deserved to be 'honored' and enthusiastically painted. I felt very passionate about these blooms.

So I am running a weekend Botanical Art Workshop at the Mayday Hills Art Society, Beechworth on 17th and 18th September 2019, called what else but 'Beechworth in Bloom'.

Another workshop for 'Landscapes of Beechworth'  will be held on 14th and 15th September 2019.

The surrounding hills and trees are really unique, and every time I drove through them, I thought they would be wonderful to sketch. So  the workshop is now in place.

Please contact for any further information on either of the workshops or accommodation