Natural History

Natural history is a Focus on Nature. Beauty in nature is found anywhere in the world around us. The External Course is structured and comprehensive and you will learn the processes and techniques necessary to create your own drawings and paintings from a myriad of various subjects. Explore colour and learn how to capture the essence of a subject, and how to bring it to life in a three-dimensional illusion.

Fleay's Frog, camougflaged in natural habitat


  1. Leonie,
    The lessons in your Natural History External Course, which I'm taking, are interesting and challenging. Your critique of each assignment is a step-by-step way of improving observational, drawing, and painting skills. Your course was the only external one I could find that covers so many aspects of nature, such as shells, insects, wildlife, amphibians, flora, birds, fish, and rocks. Being able to choose the subject for each assignment is an added bonus.

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    2. Thank you Randy. As there are no time restrictions, the course is structured to allow "life to get in the way". Always enjoy what you do! Leonie