Wednesday 19 May 2021

Mudgee NSW Sketching Tour

My Mudgee sketching tour also included Ryalstone, Hill End and Sofala. It was a fabulous 4 days/3 nights away in a very beautiful part of NSW. This is the beginning of my sketching tours and they will be (naturally) focused on Australian locations.

Next week I am taking a group to the Northern Territory which will include Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks and Katherine, including a boat trip up Katherine Gorge.

The weather was glorious while away, at least for the first two days, with it much colder of a morning on the last two mornings, with a few clouds around.

Leonie with the tour bus

View at the Blue Mountains

Sketching in the street at Ryalstone

Di Lusso Winery, Mudgee

Some of the group sketching the view at Di Lusso Winery, Mudgee

The Rotunda in Robertson Park, Mudgee

Sketchng the rotunda

The vines and panormatic view at Wirruna Hill Winery

Great Western Store, owner Henry Stuart. another sketching stop

Mudgee clock tower and church

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