Thursday 27 November 2014

Travel Sketching Distance Learning

I have been drawing, sketching and painting for as long as I can remember. Some early memories are sitting in a classroom and drawing all over my books. From there it progressed to compiling recipe books and illustrating them, even writing a small book when I was about 11 - called 'The Adventures of Solo'. He was a pinto horse. I was mad about horses at that age. Fabulous little drawings throughout the book. There was always a pencil and paper in my hand.

I lived in Nadi, Fiji from age 15-17 and painted landscapes, people, the ocean, and sold these paintings. Art was something I didnt even think about. It has just been a part of me forever. I lived in Penang from 18-20, before there were any high rise buildings. When Golden Sands was a local beach. Where I was constantly recording my memories visually.

Travelling has been - and still is - a major part of my life as well. Realising how difficult it was to travel with non-artists and try to sketch, I decided to gather like-minded people around and sketch in a group. 

This is how my Holiday and Travel Sketching art tours began - over ten years ago. As far as I know I was the first person to take Sketching tours away. I also take Botanical Art Tours to Fiji each year.

Another chapter in my life was the finalising of my Travel Sketching Distance Learning course recently. All these things are a labour of love. Again another first as there is no one else doing this in Australia, or globally. It is proving to be amazingly popular and there is something in it for everyone.

There is absolutely no book on the market that I have seen that has even half the amount of information I am offering in my distance learning course. There is a cover page and an index, so the course can be made into a book on completion.

Anyone can sketch. You cannot make a mistake as you can change things around or add things into a sketch. You can be creative as you sketch a scene, the sky or water, and much more.

So I will leave you with some information on the course. Enjoy!

This is the information that is contained in the first module on Sketching Basics - and another five modules follow, each one unique in its presentation, information and subject.

This is the first page to give you an idea of what you will be experiencing in the course.

And I'll leave you with this information on The Rule of Thirds.

 To find out more about the course and download an outline, discover where my Travel Sketching Art Tours can take you, or to look at some of my sketches (am in the process of updating what I already have) see

Happy sketching!