About Me

Leonie Norton

Artist, Tutor, Author
Sydney, Australia

Art is my profession, my interest, my pastime and my all consuming passion. My watercolour paintings are exquisitely detailed botanical and natural history subjects. The balance in my life is pen and wash sketching for its liberty and spontaneous expression.

As an artist and tutor I share my knowledge, experience and skills with others. I teach botanical art in many areas of Australia and also in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and Fiji. Additionally I teach botanical and natural history subjects worldwide through my external courses.

I love to travel and explore different cultures, experience unique scenery and architecture and visually record my adventures. Through my Holiday Sketching Tours I take small groups to affordable and exciting overseas destinations such as Bali, Fiji, India and Vietnam with some Australian locations scheduled for 2013.

I write regular articles for Australian Artist and Artist's Back to Basics magazines and wrote the book "Women of Flowers: Botanical Art in Australia from the 1830s to the 1960s".

My blog will take you on a journey to share my experiences, provide insights into how I create my art and reveal what inspires me to paint nature's wonders.

Welcome to my world.


  1. Leonie,
    Congratulations on your blog. I'm excited about seeing your beautiful artwork, learning from your tutorials, and vicariously enjoying your travel adventures.

  2. Hi Leonie, After quite a delay, I have finally got to look at your blog and wish I had had a look sooner. Loved seeing the process of your Callistemon painting and hope, one day, to get to finish the final modules of your correspondence course which I started. I was really enjoying it, but life keeps getting in the way. Alison Harvey

    1. Hello Alison,

      The course is structured to allow life to get in they way. I will be posting more botanical work on my blog, so hope this continues to inspire and motivate you.

  3. Hello Leonie,

    I am looking forward to following your life/art experiences on your blog. I enjoyed your musings on priorities. Great work, thank you for sharing.

    ... yes I am still here but busy as you can imagine

  4. Hi, Leonie,

    Best for the holidays and new year to you and yours.

    Heather Fenton
    Atlanta, Ga. USA

    1. Great to hear from you Heather. Let's hope our paths cross...

  5. Hi Leonie,

    I would love to use a beautiful image of your artwork featuring eucalyptus leaves and Christmas beetles for a Wildlife Queensland Christmas email banner (and unfortunately, as always, I'm pressed for time...!!) Would you mind allowing me to use the image, crediting yourself as the artist?

    Kind regards and merry Christmas,
    Natasha Bryant
    Communications Officer
    Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland