Monday 13 May 2013

Banksia prionotes - finished

I can finally put closure on my banksia prionotes painting. I began it when I miraculously had some spare time. Then of course the work began pouring in and I also had article deadlines to meet. So this painting seemed to drag on. Was almost finished when I went to Canberra to do a workshop. So very pleased to share the painting with you.
My favourite part is the detail.

I have new ideas swimming around in my head for a couple of new paintings. Firstly I will do a small painting of a delightful grevillea I collected in Canberra, Grevillea langiera. It is a delightful and colourful dwarf plant with many small leaves and exquisite red flowers.
The preliminary work is already completed so it will not take long - final last words. Before I do that however, I must get some prep work done for my weekend workshop next Saturday at WEA Sydney on Pen and Wash Sketching, and also prepare some drawings and more handouts for my Banksia workshops in Beechworth Victoria 25-26 May and Canberra 21-22 September.
I love the  intracacies of banksias, their woody appearance and the flowing movement of the coarse leaves.

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  1. My favourite part of watching your paintings come to life is the detail as well Leonie. Thanks for sharing :) and good luck with the coming workshops