Sunday 2 June 2013

Botanical Art & Sketching in Beechworth

Just back from my second visit to Beechworth Victoria in 3 months. Beautiful place. This time I taught a workshop in Drawing and Painting Banksias.
The "secret" is all in observation, and the Fibonacci Spiral. Draw what you see. Understand the plant and its construction. I have a second Banksia workshop planned for Canberra on 21-22 September. Should also be lots of fun.
Details of Banksia menziesii

I actually managed to find time to sketch the Beechworth Post Office on my recent visit. I love the architecture of Beechworth and have, over time, managed to get some of the beautiful historical buildings sketched.
Each year I also take a "Sketching Historical Beechworth" workshop where we (naturally) sketch around the town. Its a fabulous weekend and one I look forward to.
Beechworth Post Office


  1. Fantastically complicated plant, your skill in interpreting it is something magical, love the process you reveal in your posts.

    1. Botanical artists love the challenge and meditative experience of the fabulous detail! Good to hear from you.