Saturday 5 October 2013

Sketching South Coast (Kiama) NSW

I have just spent 2 days sketching the Illawarra region of the south coast of New South Wales. I took a small group and we based ourselves in Kiama. Everything was in walking distance and there was so much to see just in this one area. The beautiful area is mostly dairy farming now, but many of the farms are being subdivided and sold off for housing. The vivid clear blue water and the rolling green hills are quite unique to this particular part of the south coast.
The weather on day 1 was absolutely perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, and the sun warming our backs as we sat and sketched to our heart's content. Above is the view from near the lighthouse at Kiama looking back to the surf beach. There are lots of beaches down the south coast.
We also went to Gerroa and did a few sketches of Seven Mile Beach, and a very favourite place of mine, Werri Beach. My parents had a house here for nearly 45 years so I spent many wonderful years exploring the areas from Wollongong to Nowra and beyond.

In Kiama there are some historic buildings, and the Post Office, with its bright heritage colours, is a real stand out. Next to that sits the police station and court house, both original buildings from the mid 19th century. There is a very interesting history surrounding the Illawarra region. It is well worth a visit.

Above is a photo of me sketching at Kiama. We were lucky enough to find some emply picnic tables with perfect views over the water, rocks and beaches.

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