Sunday 25 May 2014

'Botanica' Exhibition in Sydney

The Friday night opening of the annual 'Botanica' exhibition at the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens was a great success.

It was the best 'Botanica' I have seen presented, for many reasons. The selection of paintings was extremely well balanced, although paintings by single artists I feel should be limited, to allow for others artists who are equally talented, to exhibit their works. 

The exhibition was beautifully curated by Judy Dunstan for the first time, and I look forward to seeing her in this role again next year. 

Another interesting and profound element was that there were no extravagently overpriced paintings. Most well priced paintings will sell, but with some artists insisting in previous years of pricing themselves out of the market, I think this point has hit home.

The general public is not aware of the 'names' in botanical art, and with so many wonderfully talented artists out there, it would be difficult to choose one artist over another. They are all extraordinary in their own right.

This is a wonderful exhibition, and I am sure it will sell extremely well. I look forward to visiting again at least twice (or more) as there is so much to take in. If you are going along, take note of the framing as well, which forms part of the overall presentation of the painting, and can 'make or break' some work.


With my painting of the Banksia menziesii and Banksia prionotes

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