Wednesday 23 March 2016

The making of Watercolour Paper

I came across avery interesting video of the processes involved in making watercolour paper (see link below), in this instance Saunders Waterford.

Situated in the ancient Cathedral City of Wells in the southwest of England, St Cuthberts Mill has been making paper since the 1700's, taking advantage of the pure waters of the River Axe.

St Cuthberts Mill

Paper storage in the Mill

The mill specialises in the paper manufacturing of high quality artists papers. The experienced papermakers carefully make professional mould made papers, using one of the few remaining cylinder mould machines left in the world.

The River Axe meanders peacefully within the countryside.

It is also interesting to see just how much manual work is involved in the process. An innovative and dedicated approach is key to perfection of archival papers of impeccable condition.

Click here to see a video of the processes involved, from the trees to your easel or studio.

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