Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Wonderfully create and exciting New Year.

My resolution is to do more blogs and newsletters. Always a lot to share and often no time to share it. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more images and frequent postings.

But I will share with you some paintings and sketches I have done this year. My mind never stops with new painting concepts and new places to explore.

This painting is for the Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition which will be in Canberra , at the Ainslie Art Centre, Braddon 18-27th May 2018.

Let me take you through my working process. 

1. A collection of gum nuts and seeds from Western Australia.

2. Making an interesting and balanced composition.

3. Initial drawing.

3. Adding some colour with colour pencil to find the correct balanced colour to take the eye around the painting.

4. Colour study.

5. Detail of colour study

6. Work space.

7. Final painting

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