Monday 30 April 2018

Grafton Workshop April 2018

I spent the most enjoyable week in Grafton teaching a group of lovely ladies how to paint their chosen subject. The workshop was Plants & Pollinators: the Birds and the Bees.

There are several reasons I do this and not have every student paint the same subject.
  • They can paint a subject they are passionate about
  • They are not forced to paint a subject with no relevance to their preferences
  • They receive absolute individual tuition so all necessary techniques and methods are clearly understood and demonstrated
  • They gain confidence as to how to complete their own paintings once they return home
  • They understand the workshop is not about producing a finished painting, but learning HOW to correctly complete a finished painting
Here are a few photos from the workshop of some of the student's paintings. 

Krysia's  painting

Felicity's eucalyptus - nearly finished

Grace's finished Strelitzia reginae - Bird of Paradise

The class enjoying morning tea. I am third from bottom left.

Hilary's painting of an Eastern Spinebill bird on a banksia. Almost finished

Janet painting her New Holland Honeyeater on a banksia. 

Jenny's first washes finished. 

The Coldstream Gallery at Ulmarra held a tutors exhibition during the week. There was wonderful response from the locals as well as tutors and students. A great opening night.

I am second from left, with Hilary, Jude and Janet.
I will be back in Grafton in 2020, and look forward to another rewarding week.

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