Wednesday 13 May 2020

Celebrating Banks & Solander's expedition 1768-1771

Renowned botanist Sir Joseph Banks and naturalist Dr. Daniel Solander returned home to England from Endeavour's 1768-1771 first voyage to Australia, with an estimated 3000 species of exotic flora, many of which had never been seen or examined by Europeans.

The Florilegium Society at the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens is celebrating their achievements and the collections through exquisite paintings from 39 botanical artists, some of the best artists in Australia and globally.

Their paintings have been published in a wonderful book called 'Botanic Endeavours'. Many of the paintings represent plants collected at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, the same plants discovered by Banks and Solander.

This publication will be invaluable to historians, botanists, horticulturists, artists and lovers of gardens for the next 250 years and beyond.

Below is my contribution to this book, the Melaleuca thymifolia. There will be a Sydney exhibition later in 2020, or early 2021, date yet to be decided, due to delays caused by COVID-19.

Book cover

My painting with dried specimen

Painting the plant


Painting details

Final painting

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