Tuesday 18 September 2012

Balance in Life

We all need balance in life, and to me this includes doing things out of the norm. As I spend most of my days in my office/studio working, it is good to get out and enjoy the fresh air, and find a little time to unwind and "smell the roses".

So when the opportunity presented itself to volunteer to man the drink station for the Sydney Runing Festival, in aid of Sydney Children's Hospital, I eagerly jumped at the chance.

My alarm went off at 6am and it was a cool but clear morning. Unfortunately I had been battling some dreaded virus but felt better that morning. So off I went to Centennial Park, which is only a leisurely 15 minute walk from  home and I was really rugged up, no wanting to invite any further complications to my slowly recovering health.

Dawn breaking on Centennial Park as we set up the drink station

There was ample time to set up, and the whole event was incredibly well organised. The wheelchair athletes were the first to come through. Kurt Fearnley, the London Paralympics Champion sailed past with an enormous grin on his face, obviously having a great time. He was fresh back from London and was spectacularly fit.

The marathon runners came through next, firstly the elite athletes who did not slow down as they grabbed the water we enthusiastically offered, along with our encouragement. Slowly the middle of the pack appeared and there were literally hundreds of runners descending on the water, not just to drink but to thrown over themselves. 

Me at the drink station
By the time the C grade runners approached, most were walking, but we cheered them on and gave them further congratulations and support to spur them along to the finish.

In the end they were all champions! 

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