Saturday, 1 September 2012

Magazine Article

I am on track with my projects and painting, although there is another commission to complete before I get to my own work.

Yesterday I finished an article for Artists' Palette on Art Tours. This was in response to a readers letter to the magazine. Included in my article I did a step by step demonstration on how to do a pen and wash sketch. I actually had to do the sketch and scan it at various intervals. Luckily it didn't have to be a botanical art painting, which would have taken a week to finish (slotted in with other priorities).

I have two articles coming up shortly in Australian Artist magazine and will let you know when they are published, and also another article due for publication in Back to Basics magazine. It is not the writing that takes the time, but assembling the complimentary images for the articles.

Here is the sketch I completed of a temple entrance at Tirtagangga Water Palace in Bali. This was for my step by step demonstration.

I could spend a month in Bali sketching my way around the island. If only.......

Temple entrace at Tirtagangga Water Palace, Bali

I love the colours, the architecture, the detail and the religious symbolism in the Bali culture.

Yesterday afternoon was spent working on a floor plan (on graph paper) of my new built-in office/studio. I have been procrastinating over this, because it all seemed in the "too hard" basket. This was probably because I had so many other projects and work on at the same time, I couldnt find a space in my head to think about measurements, de-cluttering (throwing things out?) and what I needed in my space.

I was happy with my floor plan and I know the builder will have more ideas. I bit the bullet and rang him about the project and now am very excited. I will take some before and after shots to show you the progress. Do not have a starting date yet, as long as it is before Christmas, as I only have a few trips away between now and then, but am extremely busy in 2013.

This morning I will finish marking my students work (this is a fulltime job on its own), enjoy an afternoon at an exhibition opening and perhaps some relaxing tomorrow? Believe it or not, I find what I do relaxing, it is not like work and it is always stimulating and challenging. So think I will begin sorting out some things in my room.

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