Wednesday 24 October 2012

The Complete A-Z of Botanical Art

In the current November 2012 issue, Australian Artist magazine has just published the first in a 3 Part series of my article The Complete A-Z of Botanical Art.

Everything you ever wanted to know about botanical art is contained in this comprehensive series. The explanations are easy to follow and concise, with many examples and visual demonstrations.

Part 1 is eight pages of information from A-Accuracy to H-Heavier Paper. See the November magazine cover and the first two pages in the article below.

To read the next six informative pages in the Australian Artists magazine, buy a copy at your local newsagent. You will not be disappointed.

Botanical art is such a meditative and toally relaxing form of art. It takes you into another place, and opens up a new world to you as you discover the magic of flowers and plants.

"I have learned...that what I have not drawn I have never really seen - and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realise how extraordinary it is - sheer miracle."
                                                                               Frederick Frank in "The Zen of Seeing"

If you are interested in learning how to draw and paint botanically, see information on my Botanical Art External Course, which can be done at your own pace, from the comfort of home. I have successfully taught people throughout Australia and worldwide.

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