Friday 23 November 2012

Mission Accomplished

After several months, my office is up and running and I just love it! It was a tremendous task to take  everything out of a working office without missing a beat.
Don't be too shocked by the "before" photos. You can clearly understand why I was finding it so difficult to work in such a space. You will not believe the transformation! So here we go -
Admin area - Before

Painting area - Before


I am definately not a hoarder, in fact quite the opposite. Trying to run a business and operate a studio in a room with all sorts of different types of furniture, various filing cabinets and lack of storage was becoming increasingly difficult. My bookcases filled one wall and with a large stationery cupboard opposite, the room was closing in on me. Each year I was accumulalting more work, more books and just more of everything with nowhere to put them.
So out it call came.
A blank canvas
It was all moved into the dining room and lounge room, where I worked quite happily, in the hub of the house.
 And in went the new office.
And here it is!!! 

I have a huge stationery cupboard, room for my books, large plan draws for my large sheets of watercolour paper and many drawers and built-in filing cabinets.
In case you are wondering how a wall full of books fitted into my new bookcase above the desk - they didn't. I also had a floor to ceiling bookcase built in the main bedroom, where the overflow of books went. Basically all the books in my office are now my art books.
It is such a joy to come in here each morning and have everything in its place......


  1. Amazing what a bit of reorganisation and design can do, the change is impressive. This is the first visit to your blog and I really find it beautifully clear, must read the rest.

    1. Nice to hear from you Allan. The tidy office also allows me to do more (if possible) as everthing has a place and I have room to move.

  2. Now ... that is the sort of office/studio I would like. It is perfect Leonie!

    1. And I just love working in my new environment. It is a joy to begin each day.