Thursday 14 February 2013

Painting Finished

After working frantically for the past 5 days, my painting is finished and ready for selection for the Botanica exhibition.
When is a painting finished?
When you look at it and nothing jumps out at you.
If there is something not right, which may just be an inconsistency of tone, and you think "it wont matter, no one will notice". That is extactly the first thing people do notice, as it would be bothering them as well.
When you have made some adjustments and know there is nothing else to do to make it any better.
I like to leave it for a day or so, and not be in such close contact with the painting. Then look at it with fresh eyes.

It is interesting just how much you can get done when you are not doing anything else!!! I worked on other projects early morning and until quite late at night, just to be able to paint in the day.
Now to put this project to bed, and perhaps even relax for a while.

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