Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Strelitzia reginae

The selection deadline looms for the Botanica exhibition at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. In fact, it is on this Saturday.
Since returning from overseas, work has been hectic, but I had an urge to do another painting for the exhibtion. While in Mt. Tambourine, Qld last year I collected an incredible dying Strelitzia reginae specimen. The gnarly, dried flowers and sepals form a twisting web of movement. This is what attracted me.
I did the initial drawing and colour study on Sunday, then began painting on Monday. Work has progressed really well and I am excited about the progress. Not finished yet, but here are a few stages of the process.
The flowers and sepals
Seed pods and seeds

I hope to finish this painting today. More washes and focus on tone. But before I do that, must do assessments on my External Students assignments.........

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