Thursday 19 December 2013

Christmas is coming

Christmas is fast approaching (much too quickly), and I am finishing off Christmas cards and greetings for my many wonderful friends and students.  I thought you would like to get into the Christmas spirit so I am sharing this video with you of a few Christmas songs on the previous post.
I am also finishing off a new painting for Botanica 2014 in the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens (more information later), and finishing off my new website which should be live by the end of December. Here is a preview of the detail of another painting I have just finished.
These are the various stages of the seeds of the Cycas revoluta. Nature is so amazing in natural beauty, which is around us everywhere we look. I like unusual subjects, and also love the detail.....


  1. Happy Christmas Leonie - I have your picture of Australian seeds on my study wall, I can see it as I type, and I am sure that this one above is as immaculate in detail and accuracy as that one is.

    Best wishes,

  2. Merry Christmas Allan. I remember the painting so well. Another labour of love. Fond memories of Marlborough.