Saturday, 8 March 2014

Natural History at the State Library

There is a fascinating exhibition currently on at the State Library of NSW - 'Artist Colony: Drawing Sydney's Nature' and it is on until 11 May 2014.

Over 100 natural history drawings and paintings from the late 18th century showcase this prolific exhibition.

It relates and reveals the colonial thirst for knowledge and our emerging cultural history. It is an incredible insight into the fascination the colonists discovered in the unique and exotic flora and fauna of Australia.

There are a total of six album volumes. Some of the work has been done by the colonial officers, others by convicts which would often be artists or counterfeiters.
There is an amazing history about the paintings, why, when, where and how they were done, and for what purpose.

I cannot recommend the State Library of NSW's website highly enough. The exhibitions and other collections are beautifully presented.
See The website includes a film, images of the paintings including a facility for magnification of the exhibits, an interactive resource and other information pertaining to this exhibition.

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