Monday 25 January 2016

Art Experience Canberra - Summer School January 2016

I have recently returned from Canberra where I taught for the Artists Society of Canberra at their Summer School. As an artist, it is always a fantastic experience to work at Summer or Winter schools, to meet other tutors and artists and to swap information, aspirations and experiences. We often work in isolation so a social meeting ground often gives us all motivation and inspiration - as well as making new friends.

I teach all skill levels which ensures those that are not experienced at Botanical Art will have the same opportunities to learn.. This year I was blown away by the natural talent of some of my students, and definately by all the work that was produced at the end of the week, which I would like to share with you.

It was a unique programme beginning with a 2-day weekend workshop on Leaves & Greens - Technique & Colour. This workshop could be linked into the following 3-day workshop (with one day break in between) or either workshop could be done separately. It worked extremely well especially for those that could only attend on the weekend due to work committments.

Alex's leaves

Morgyn's leaves

Jann's oak leaf

Jean's amazing parsley

Naturally the following workshop on Form & Colour followed the Processes used in botanical art. These are the Master drawing (the blueprint for the painting), the Colour Study and Colour Match and then the final painting.

In my workshops I do not focus on students finishing a painting. It is all about following the processes, so when they begin working independently, they know the processes required to produce a fabulous painting. 

Here are a few paintings done in the three day workshop, which was amazing - and I was thrilled. Some of my group had never done any botanical art before and several had never drawn or done any watercolour painting at all, which makes the results even more special.

Beth's flowering eucalypt

Alex's chilis

Janet's finished painting

Jean's herb study (in progress)

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