Wednesday 20 January 2016

New Paintings

It has been very difficult to find time to do my own work, as I have been extremely busy with travelling for work and a few holidays (absolutely deserved as I work seven days a week) and lots of workshops and art tours. Then of course there are my three Distance Learning Course in Botanical Art, Natural History and Travel Sketching.

Ideas spin around in my head and if only I had the luxury of months of painting.

Anyway, will share two of my finished pieces with you, which will be in Botanica 2016 in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens in April 2016.

When I was in New Zealand in December, I saw a Harakeke Red Flax (Phormium tenax). The colours were absolutely amazing, just glowing in the sunshine. The flax was also bursting with bees, eager for the ripe anthers.

While admiring the flowers, a New Holland Honeyeater flew down and landed on the flax. I thought "I just have to paint this" which is what I have done.

Initial washes

I will add the next painting on a new blog.

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