Saturday 13 April 2019

Sketching Sri Lanka

I have recently returned from an amazing sketching tour to Sri Lanka, where I took 12 very motivated and enthusiastic sketchers, and one photographer.

The scenery was incredibly beautiful and each day was a new adventure. We travelled at a very relaxed pace and stayed 2 and 3 nights in each hotel, all with outstanding accommodation.

Here are a few photos of some of the highlights of the trip.  Actually I could not single out only one, as each destination was spectacular.

 Elephants cooling off at the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawala

 Me sketching with some of the group. We did one or two sketches everyday, as well as plenty of sightseeing.

 I love this photo! We were at the archaeological ruins of the Ancient Kingdom at Polonnaruwa, and a mischevious little monkey had stolen an ice cream. I managed to capture him actually licking this ice cream with great enjoyment.

 Some of the group sketching the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Most of us climbed to the caves to see the beautiful frescos.

 A stilt fisherman at a beach out of Kandy. Didn't actually catch much while we were there, but he certainly looked quite comfortable.

Some tea plantations in the hills above Kandy.

A fire eater at a cultural performace. There was also fire walkers and of course cultural dancing.


 At elephant orphanage
 Black line sketch of some of the archaeological ruins at the Ancient Kingdom.

Perhaps you can be tempted to join me on another tour to Sri Lanka in March 2021.

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