Saturday 13 April 2019

Sri Lankan Cooking School

One of the most enjoyable experiences was the day the group spent at a cooking school in Galle. We were taken by tuk tuk to first choose our fish, straight from the sea. It couldn't get any fresher. Then off to the vegetable markets to source some very interesting and unusual produce.

The spice shop was next on the list, where the spices were all freshly ground, then packaged in bags. Nearly everyone stocked up on the spices, with visions of returning home and cooking a delicious Sri Lankan curry.

Everyone helped to chop, grind and mix the ingredients to make some spectacular curries, before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

 Fish markets

 Vegetable markets

Fresh spices

 Myself at right with some of the group

 Everyone lent a hand

 I'm making fresh coconut cream

 A vegetable curry and a fish curry

 Delicious chicken curry

 Enjoying the fruits of our labour!

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