Wednesday 29 August 2012

Dryandra baxteri

This morning the dawn glow cast golden highlights on the trees in the valley, which I see from my loungeroom window. It is an everchanging vista of seasonal hues. Autumn is ablaze with reds and bright golds and November is my favourite month as the jacarandas scattered throughout the valley don their coats of lavendar blooms.

Morning glow
I glanced over the other side of my loungeroom where a floor to ceiling window affords harbour views. A cruise ship was gliding through the harbour towards the port on water as smooth as glass. What a glorious morning for tourists to enjoy. The mist was lifting from the water and the clear skies promised a perfect day.

When seeing ships coming in or leaving I think about the tourists' reaction to our picturesque harbour, particularly with beautiful weather to showcase our spectacular city, Sydney.

I finished my Banksia biterax commission painting this morning. I had left it for a few days as it is easier to see if any further work needs to be done. I increased the tonal contrast and the focus on the flowers, and that was closure on the painting. It was posted this morning. I am about to clean up my palette and that is closure both emotionally and physically to this work.

I will give myself another day to catch up on other work and to write another magazine article about Art Tours, before beginning yet another commission painting. It is important to finish this painting so I can focus on doing my own work. Ideas are spinning around in my head, and there are specimens sitting on my desk, so I need to get to these as soon as I can.
Final painting Banksia biterax
Flower detail
The detail in the stamens and flower were painted with a No.3 Winsor & Newton sable brush, as it has a very fine point and holds enough paint to ensure constant redipping is not necessary.

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