Sunday 9 December 2012

Painting completed

I have had so many interruptions between my last post and finishing the Dryandra formosa. There have been many students sending in their work to be critiqued before I leave for holidays - there have been friends to catch up with that I have sadly neglected due to my heavy work committment - and there have been some Christmas get togethers.
I am sure many of you are experiencing similar situations.
Last night I was tossing and turning thinking of all the things I need to do before leaving for overseas. Naturally I have lists but do not like leaving things to the last minute.
I had hoped to get another painting done before I left, and will at least get the drawing and initial washes completed, as it is not planned as a large piece.
So I now give you my finished work. Time to put it to bed and move on.

The wonderful characteristics of this plant that attract me are the curling, twisting leaves which intertwine giving fabulous movement and interest. I have kept the stem light so as not to detract from the other areas I wanted to enhance.
Although I do not often put botanical lettering on my work, I thought this painting deserved it as it is a good balance and it finishes it off.
I hope you have enjoyed my journey through the Dryandra - even though it seemed very protracted. Perhaps this gives some followers more of a sense of what is involved and how long it takes (with interruptions - as life gets in the way) from the initial concept and drawing to the final piece.



  1. Thanks Leonie, the end result is really beautiful, magnificent composition, observation and execution.

    1. Appreciate your comments. It is all a labour of love!!

  2. Thats why we do it 'for love' don't we! ha ha. Its perfect Leonie! Like you, I enjoy working out in the first instance what is attracting me to the subject. Really looking at the characteristics is what gives a better understanding isn't it. when I look at someones painting I love to see what they saw, in that they have interpreted the true essence of the plant. Indeed, I see these things in all of your paintings. Thank you for sharing the creation of this piece x Oh, I am curious as to how you did the lovely font for the Botanical lettering? I usually print it out from computer and use the transfer method to get it on the painting and then go over it with whatever I am going to use. Regards Jacqui :)