Thursday 6 December 2012

The importance of tone

Never underestimate the importance of tone and tonal contrast.
Below are the before and after images of tone, contrast and colour harmony to enhance the leaves of the Dryandra.
Leaves before tone.

 After tone


Notice how the tone gives shape and thickness to the leaves. The various tonal qualities also push some leaves back, and bring some forward.
Tone must be balanced throughout the painting. As the tonal qualities are built up in the leaves, they are also build up in the flower, so the finished painting is balanced:
Older leaves were added to balance and enhance the painting through colour.
I will be posting the final painting later today.
My other work is beckoning me. I was up at 5am and able to work very successfully with the light though my window. I painted until about 8 then had breakfast. I try and keep a routine in my everyday life, and allow for "life to get in the way".
The rest of the morning will be emersed in critiquing my external student's work, which is another aspect of my life I thoroughly enjoy. They always inspire me, and it makes my day when I open an envelope to find some wonderful, creative work from my very talented external students.
There is a whole world of undiscovered talent out there and the work I receive from students who have never picked up a paintbrush or done any previous drawing is astounding.
My days are never dull.....

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