Thursday 28 March 2013

Harbour Bridge Sketch

My excurisons into the city are always so enjoyable. I can walk into the city from my place, so it isnt as if I have a long journey to get there. It is a time factor. I am usually busy with other projects and of course - work.
I say to myself  "I must do this more often" and I should. Below is my sketch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay.

On to another topic, I was given a beautiful bunch of Australian native plants and flowers. I fell in love with a Banksia prionotes so have become a little obsessed with that. Yesterday afternoon I did the drawing of the flower and today will do the leaves - all ready to begin the painting.
I will be running some Banksia workshops this year. The thing to remember is "There are no shortcuts!"  I love detail, so I love painting the intricate details. Takes me into another world.

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  1. Hi Leonie, Lesley here, one of your students from the recent workshop in Beechworth. I love your last paragraph. I will now embrace my need for recording detail and will settle into the amount of time it takes to do that properly, instead of trying to change it.