Sunday 7 April 2013

Botanica Exhibition

I have taken my 5 paintings into the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens for their annual exhibition opening to the public on Saturday 13th April. This is Sydney's major botanical art exhibition.
I was very pleased with the framing which totally enhanced my two framed paintings. The Art Scene in West Ryde (Sydney) has as usual done superb work. I do not go anywhere else for framing, as  I have tried some local framers with very disappointing results. There is no comparison with exhibiting a painting with a custom frame, and that of a ready made (for the masses) frames.
I finished off three unframed paintings which can be sold together or separately, as they are A4 size, which is a size that is quick and easy to finish - although don't pack the punch of larger paintings, which make a real statement on the walls.
I have begun work on a large banksia painting, so will post some images of that soon.
Hakea baxteri (unframed)

Grevillea baxteri (unframed)


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