Thursday 25 April 2013

Coloured Pencil DVD

I have just reviewed an excellent instructional DVD by coloured pencil artist Jacqueline Pemberton from WA. I am in awe of the amazing botanical art work Jacqui produces. The DVD takes you through every step along the way from start to finish on the processes of coloured pencil techniques. The materials are extremely important and different types of pencils are used for differing purposes.
If you have ever wanted to "have a go" using coloured pencils, this comprehensive DVD is for you! It is also available in a two-part set - Jacqui's DVD covers the processes of botanical art and materials, and Helen Fitzgerald's DVD in the set is a "Splash and Dash" guide to the basic coloured pencil techniques using free expression. The materials in this DVD are also explained very clearly. Enjoy!
See Jacqui's website for more information: There is also a promotional DVD on this website so you can view before you purchase.

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