Wednesday 22 August 2012

Banksia biterax

I was painting til quite late last night, until I had to leave it to eat....was getting awfully hungry.

Was up early this morning and didnt even have to put the heater on. I can feel Spring in the air, and the birds have certainly been very loud lately, so they must know something. As I taught in the city this  morning, my painting had to wait.

A three hour class usually means leaving home about 8am and arriving home at about 2pm, quite tired. I give so much of myself to my students, who are all at different levels of expertise and all working on a different subject, that it leaves me quite drained.

However, after coming home and having a tiny power nap, I worked on my new painting until about 5 minutes ago - as I wanted to post this blog and share my journey with you.

I am absolutely loving this painting. I love the movement of the leaves and the flow of the work in general. I have now completed the first wash and will do a lot more tomorrow morning.

Recently someone asked me what my favourite painting has been. The answer was easy - it is always the painting I am working on at the time. Once I have finished, it is closure and I work on another subject that has "spoken" to me, and ignited the passion once again.

Banksia biterax
The first washes are now complete. I will soon begin the fine detail on the flowers, which is the part I love, and the part that takes me to another dimension when I am painting.

Think I have earned the rest of the evening to put my feet up and relax.

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