Wednesday 1 August 2012

Sketching in Bali

I am currently sitting on the terrace of the Tjampuhan Hotel in Ubud, listening to the creek bubbling many metres below, The hotel is situated on a steep hillside with incredible natural forest views. It is serene and amost ethereal and it encapsulates some of the unspoiled countryside of Ubud (which was once a sleepy little hollow).

Bali has not disappointed me this trip - the weather, the people, the ambiance. It is truly a beautiful place to be.

The Barong Dance this morning was both exciting, fast moving and full of colour and sound. Definately a must to see when in Bali.

The balmy weather and cooling soft breeze make the evenings perfect  to relax before heading to dinner.
The group I have this year are doing some great sketches and surprising even themselves. It is wonderful to be able to return from a holiday with a unique visual record of the places you have visited and the many experiences you enjoyed.

I am about to go for a relaxing early evening swim and enjoy the pool which is nestled amongst volcano carvings and enclaves of ferns and colourful tropical plants.

The pool at the Tjanpuhan Hotel, Ubud

Decorative door carvings at Le Mayeur Museum in Sanur.

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