Sunday 5 August 2012

Tirtagangga Water Temple

Walking through the entrance to Tirtagangga Water Temple is an absolute feast for the eyes. Stone carvings of all types and sizes are set  around the grounds, many in or around the water features  which are fed by natural spring water. The centrepiece is a tall thin fountain with eleven tiers.

Sculptures and the water fountain at Tirtagangga

We spent the morning there sketching and exploring. The bridges linking water pools were a favourite subject. They projected beautiful reflections over the pools where enormous multi-coloured carp were regularly fed by tourists.

Viv sketching a bridge

Marie Carmen's sketching showing the reflections
A morning did not seem long enough as we began to capture the essence of the place through sketching. It is the most meditative thing to do, and hours happily speed by with no conception of time, only of place.

To finish a perfect morning, a special Balinese lunch was savoured in the restaurtaurant perched high above the temple grounds, with a cooling breeze pervading.

Ann's sketch of the entrace to one of the temples within the Tirtagangga complex.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Bali sketches done by you and some of your tour participants. These personalized views enliven the scenes more than a photograph can do.