Thursday 2 August 2012

Barong Dancers

The costumes of the Barong dancers were absolutely amazing. Highly layered and incrediblly decorative, they added to the drama and excitement of the dance.The  mesmerising percussion music leads the tone of the story of the dance. Whirling colours, graceful and beautiful Balinese dancers and the age old story of Good and Evil with the Good conquering all. and told beautifully through dance and mime against the backdrop of the temple.

Balinese cast of the Barong dance.
 Myself and the group did some very quick sketches while watching the dancers. Sketching is all about capturing the moment, the colour, the vibrancy and the movement. I am always thrilled by what each person does, as the sketches are so unique and yet capture the spirit of the moment.

More sketches followed after returning to our hotel, mostly by the pool. The are many sculptures surrounding the pool and scatted throughout the hotel grounds. I could spend a week here and never run out of subjects, and all so very different.

Before returning to the hotel we visited a wood carving factory and saw the carvers creating some of their intricate carvings. I believe some of the world's best wood carfers are from Bali and some of the work has to be seen to be believed. Life size stallions rearing and entwined, fishermen casting their nets, complete with fish inside the nets. Alll of these carvings are done from one piece of wood.

Wood carver

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