Friday 3 August 2012

Gunung Kawi Temple

Early morning at Kintamani volcano was a little misty with the top of the volcano shrouded with clouds. As the sketching group settled on a balcony with unobstructive views, the sun began to shine and, the azure blue of the skies glowed through as the clouds dissipated. What a glorious morning, and a fantastic sketching opportunity.

Sketching Kintamani volcano

Heading back towards Ubud, we experienced the very unique coffee, made from the coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted from a possum like marsupial., the Lahab. The resulting coffee is extremely prized and etremely expensive.

 Mr. Suki, our fantastic guide at the Spice Gardens

A highlight of our trip was sketching at the Gunung Kawi Temple, an 11th century spring temple, one of many in Bali. A spiritual peace pervades the site and I am sure the Gods look on us favourably while we happily sketch some of the many features. 

A Protector,of Gunung Kawi Temple

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